About Us

For Chef Aliza Grayevsky Somekh, the “Shabbat Dinner” holds a special place in her heart. 

The COVID-19 situation has caught us all by surprise and has disrupted some of our weekend traditions. Aliza wants to bring back some of that wholesome Friday night dinner tradition, offering a weekly Shabbat dinner menu. 

Aliza’s menu changes weekly.  She offers classical Jewish dishes, and interesting & exotic flavors. She draws her inspiration from the flavors of the Jerusalem food market, the Jewish diaspora, and beyond. 

She created a fusion of Israeli-California cuisine, making use the abundance of great produce of California.  She is also offering Kosher (no Mashgiach), vegan and gluten free options, so all communities can find dishes that fit their needs.

We aim to make your Shabbat Dinner comfortable and delicious.

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